At JB Schwartz PLLC, Jon handles most aspects of his cases personally, including conducting his own legal research and preparing his own filings and presentations from start to finish. This means that his clients pay lower overhead costs overall because they get the benefit of a senior partner’s judgment and efficiency at every stage of their matter. This commitment to efficiency and the highest-caliber work product extends to Jon’s non-litigation practice as well, so that the work gets done right the first time, which not only saves the client money, but can help to avoid lawsuits later.


Results matter. For over 20 years, Jon has built a track record of achieving positive outcomes for his clients. Here are a few:*


• Jon was part of a two-man team that received a unanimous jury verdict in a five-week trial in Houston federal court. They represented an oil operating company against its insurer for breach of contract and violations of the Texas Prompt Payment of Claims Act. Jon conducted voir dire, examined witnesses, and drafted multiple trial and post-trial motions and briefs. The oil operating company received $25.4 million in damages and $6.25 million in attorneys’ fees and costs after appeals to the Fifth Circuit were exhausted.


• Jon obtained a dismissal for a client who had been sued in a bankruptcy adversary proceeding for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Jon then successfully briefed and argued this case on appeal to the 8th Circuit B.A.P., which ruled in favor of his client.


• Jon litigated a multi-million dollar tort, bankruptcy, and adversary proceeding in the state and federal courts of New York and the Delaware bankruptcy court, saving his client tens of millions of dollars sought in a clawback action.


• Jon defended a restaurateur in a breach of contract lawsuit resulting in all claims against his client being dismissed at no cost.


• Jon obtained a dismissal with prejudice for his client under the Texas Anti-SLAPP law.  His client had been wrongly sued for defamation, and this was a total vindication of his client’s rights.


• Jon obtained a termination of a client’s proposed debarment by the Defense Logistics Agency in Fort Belvoir, Virginia.


• Jon’s client had been sued in Texas and an injunction taken against him, even though the client lived and conducted business in Tennessee.  Jon had the entire case against his client, including the injunction, dismissed with prejudice.


• Jon convinced a Texas federal judge to sanction opposing counsel approximately $9,000 for wrongfully removing a state court case to federal court.


• Jon was part of a two-man team who tried a divorce case on behalf of Wife, in which the judge ordered that the Husband’s company be fully awarded to Wife.


• Jon obtained a six-figure settlement for a woman injured in a slip-and-fall in Dallas County, Texas.


• Jon represented a doctor wrongly sued by a law firm for tortious interference with a contract.  Jon was able to get the case against the doctor dismissed with prejudice by virtue of a motion for summary judgment.


• Jon secured a six-figure settlement for a client whose home was constantly and severely flooded by an adjacent apartment complex.


* These results do not guarantee a similar outcome, and results will vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each individual matter.


As a business owner, do you reward your employees for being inefficient? Of course not. Neither do we. In today’s economy, more clients are requesting alternatives to standard hourly rates and are rejecting the standard staffing model of a pile-on of associates and partners. Jon started JB Schwartz PLLC as a solo practice on the premise that clients deserve better service at a fair and sustainable cost.


JB Schwartz PLLC welcomes alternative fee arrangements such as flat fees, contingency fees, partial contingency fees,* and hybrids in which JB Schwartz PLLC receives a percentage of its hourly rate, with the remainder contingent on the outcome of the matter. In such a hybrid, if there is an unfavorable result, no further fees are paid. Jon will tailor the billing arrangement so that your risk is evenly distributed between you and Jon.


*In all contingency cases, the client will be liable for court costs and expenses.


Jon wears many hats—trial lawyer, negotiator, researcher and writer—and he also handles the technology side of his law practice. So you won’t get a bill for an associate doing research or a tech guy pulling together a PowerPoint—it’s a one-stop shop at JB Schwartz PLLC.


To every extent possible, JB Schwartz PLLC uses the latest technology to save clients from unnecessary outlays. For example, postage will not be used when electronic mail can be utilized. The state courts of Texas and the United States federal courts are completely paperless and utilize e-filing, to the great advantage of lawyers and clients alike. Such technological conveniences will save on costs associated with travel, postage, and paper. Jon has a Master’s Certificate in Westlaw and broad experience with Lexis so that any legal research that needs to be performed will be done rapidly and at a low cost. And, the subscription cost of databases such as Westlaw and Lexis is not passed on to the client. At hearings and at trial, PowerPoint and Trial Director are indispensible, and Jon has a great deal of experience working with these applications both in and out of the courtroom.