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Sophisticated Representation For Complex Texas Divorces

Divorce involving substantial or complex marital assets are immensely complex. There is a lot to lose, not only regarding your assets but also your financial security and lifestyle.

At JB Schwartz PLLC, we have a particular focus on high-asset, contested and complex divorce. Serving clients throughout the Dallas metro, our highly acclaimed attorneys regularly achieve positive results for clients going through immensely complex divorce proceedings. Our firm is not like most others. As a small, boutique law firm, we can provide outstanding quality of service combined with personal attention – all at an efficient price point.

Facilitating Prosperous Asset Division Arrangements

As a community property state, Texas courts consider all assets acquired after marriage subject to 50-50 division between spouses. Our high net worth divorce attorneys have in-depth financial literacy combined with thorough knowledge of Texas community property laws. We can assist you with complicated asset division issues such as:

  • Premarital agreements: Assistance with interpreting or enforcing the stipulations of a prenuptial agreement.
  • Transmutation: When community assets in a marital estate become separate assets and vice versa through mutual agreement.
  • Valuing businesses: Working with appraisers to find a fair value and divide assets. Also assisting business owners and executives.
  • Stock options: Deferred distribution and present valuation of stock portfolios belonging to spouses.
  • Dividing retirement accounts: Exploring QDROs, transfer incidents, tax implications and more.
  • Multiple real properties: If you own a vacation home or rental property, we help with buyouts, appraisals and sales.
  • Hidden and diverted assets: We collaborate with experts such as accountants to uncover misappropriated community assets.

Judges have a great deal of discretion when it comes to issuing divorce orders. You need advocacy from experienced, stalwart divorce lawyers who can represent you in alternative dispute resolution or in court.

Fearlessly Litigating Contested Divorces

Our Texas divorce lawyers are trial-tested litigators who have appeared before courts throughout the state. We understand that litigation usually occurs only if other methods of resolution have proven fruitless. As such, we understand the high-stakes nature of a divorce trial. The firm offers cost-effective fees to minimize the often high cost of litigation. When we take a case to court, we mean to win.

Discuss Your Divorce With Knowledgeable Counsel

When you need informative legal service that will help you make informed decisions about your divorce, turn to JB Schwartz PLLC. To schedule your initial consultation, please call our law office at 214-347-8568 or send us an email.