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A Sophisticated Family Law Practice In Dallas

A family law matter such as a divorce or custody dispute is difficult under normal circumstances. When these issues involve high-asset marital estates, high-conflict custody disputes and other complex problems, the need for experienced legal representation is paramount.

At JB Schwartz PLLC, we operate a sophisticated family law practice focused on achieving our clients’ goals and doing so as cost-effectively as possible.

How Can We Help?

We are prepared to protect your rights and your future in a broad range of family law issues, including:

We understand the stress and emotional turmoil that often accompany these legal issues and will serve as your trusted allies throughout the legal process.

Resolving Family Law Disputes With Lawyers With Business Expertise On Your Side

Our versatile practice allows us to offer clients a number of dispute resolution options. By mediating or negotiating disputes over divorce or other family law matters, we strive to reach agreements in an amicable manner that does not place undue stress on our clients or their children. Oftentimes, business issues are central to a divorce, just as much as custody issues can be. Jon’s and Liz’s extensive business litigation experience means that you won’t need to hire a team of lawyers if your divorce has complicated business issues attached to it.

We prepare every case for trial; however, based on our extensive litigation experience (some forty-five years), we have learned that it is how you negotiate that will determine whether you achieve the best outcome. Our trial readiness sends a clear message to those who might be tempted to treat our clients unfairly: Reconsider or face a legal struggle you won’t soon forget.

Discuss Your Family Law Issue With An Experienced Lawyer

Our experienced Dallas family law attorneys are here to help you understand how Texas family law statutes apply in your unique situation. To schedule a confidential consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer, contact us today online or by telephone at 214-347-8568.