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Divorce Counsel You Can Trust With The Future Of Your Business

Business owners or business executives facing a divorce have a variety of additional challenges to consider. Taking the wrong approach could lead to life-long financial consequences such as loss of financial stability.

At JB Schwartz PLLC, we understand the gravity of divorce involving business assets. That is why our team of divorce attorneys provides sophisticated yet personalized counsel for the people of Dallas County and the surrounding communities.

We assist clients with business divorce matters such as:

  • Business valuation
  • Business division plans
  • Executive stock
  • Stock sharing plans
  • Retirement accounts
  • Misappropriated business assets
  • Business fraud
  • Commercial real estate

When it comes to the future of your family and your business, you can turn to us.

Valuing Your Business And Defending Your Rights

Having facilitated hundreds of valuations of companies across a variety of industries, our business divorce lawyers understand how to approach your case efficiently. In divorces with complex assets, we work with a roster of trustworthy experts such as forensic accountants and appraisers to arrive at a fair valuation. The three approaches for appraising business value are as follows:

  • Fair market value: The price that a buyer would pay for the business in a purchase. Fair market value can include calculated intangible assets, such as goodwill and brand recognition.
  • Business income: The value of a business’s future earnings and cash flow after adjusting for liabilities and other factors, such as growth rates.
  • Net asset value: Calculating the business’s net assets and subtracting the company’s net liabilities to arrive at the final valuation.

Assessing the value of a business is one of the most complex steps of asset division. Each party knows that they have a great deal to lose – or gain – depending on the method of valuation. In rare instances, one party might try to divert assets or misrepresent the value of the business. The process can become highly contested, requiring deft handling and assertive advocacy from business and divorce attorneys like ours.

Guidance And Protection During The Division Process

In addition to the appraisal, you will need to determine how to divide your business assets with your ex-spouse. As a community property state, Texas courts consider any business assets or income acquired after the marriage community property. Some of the most common methods of dividing business assets in a divorce include:

  • Buying out your spouse’s share of assets
  • Allowing your spouse to buy you out
  • Continuing to operate the business together
  • Selling the business and dividing the net profits

We can discuss the implications of every option with you, empowering you to make informed decisions. Our team has in-depth financial literacy, allowing us to give you a reliable financial picture, including tax implications. As renowned litigators, we have the trial experience to back up your rights in court.

Discuss Business And Divorce Today

Your personal life and business assets are too important to leave to just anyone. JB Schwartz PLLC provides the counsel you need. Please schedule your initial consultation today by calling our Dallas office at 214-347-8568 or by using our online contact form.