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Family Violence Protective Orders

The Texas Family Code protects victims of family and dating violence. If you have been physically or sexually abused by your partner or spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, or if your children have been the victims of such abuse, Texas law protects you. Under a family violence protective order, the abuser must stay away from the abused, including the imposition of a “kick-out” order, which says the abuser must move out of the family residence. Such protective orders are usually for two years, and can be vital in protecting the safety of you and your loved ones.

Jon and Liz can help you with:

  • Prosecuting and obtaining family violence protective orders
  • Defending against the imposition of a family violence protective order

Jon and Liz have extensive experience in prosecuting family violence protective orders. In one recent case, Jon got his client a two-year family violence protective order against client’s husband after he physically assaulted her in their home. The client was also awarded her attorneys’ fees, and the husband was kicked out of the house. In another recent case, Liz got her client a two-year family violence protective order against client’s ex-husband, who had been physically abusing their child. The Court also awarded Liz’s client all attorneys’ fees in that case.

Because of Jon’s and Liz’s extensive experience prosecuting these types of cases, they are also strong advocates for anyone defending against a family violence protective order.

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