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4 Questions Kids Often Ask About Divorce

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Divorce, Family Law |

Figuring out how to tell your kids you are getting a divorce can be overwhelming. You wonder how much or how little you should say to put their minds at ease.

Knowing what to say is important for helping your child transition more easily into the new living and family arrangements. These are some of the most common questions kids have and how you can answer them.

1. Why Is This Happening?

A divorce occurs when a wife and husband decide it is best to separate from each other and become unmarried. It is not easy for parents to make this decision, but sometimes it is necessary for everyone to be happy and healthy.

2. Did I Do Something Wrong?

Getting a divorce is between a mom and a dad. Parents do not divorce their kids or want a divorce because of how a child behaves.

3. Can I Help My Parents Stay Together?

Kids can help love their parents through a divorce, but they cannot make the situation go away. It is an adult decision, and it is a final decision once official, legal paperwork is complete.

4. What About My Feelings?

It is okay for children to feel angry, sad, depressed, anxious or scared about a divorce. It is also okay to miss being a family. Talking about negative feelings and expressing emotions can help with healing, and it will take time before things may start to feel normal again.

It is normal to worry about how your kids will handle the news of your divorce. Being prepared to answer their questions and spending time with a struggling child can help with adapting to the situation.