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Can I Improve My Chances Of Being Awarded Custody?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2022 | Child Custody, Family Law |

Custody battles are never easy, and in many cases, it seems the court places children with the mother more often than with the father. Being awarded custody depends on many factors, some of which depend on a father’s actions and ability to adequately provide the care and nurture needed to raise a child.

Demonstrating this responsibility could help influence the court toward approving more favorable custody terms. The following tips highlight how to improve your case for custody.

1. Maintain Detailed Visitation Records

Be sure to keep a log of every visit or contact with your child on a calendar or in a special planner. This document becomes evidence of your commitment to spending time with the child and showcases your frequency and consistency of interactions and visitation.

2. Make All Child Support Payments On Time

Following the court order for child support displays your commitment to providing for your child, your ability to maintain financial responsibility for your child and your ability to work with the other parent. If there are ever any concerns with your support, bring them to the attention of your attorney right away.

3. Create A Personal Space For Your Child

A child needs security and comfort from having a private space to call his or her own. Create a bedroom in your home where the child stores personal belongings. If the house is small, develop another corner or area where it is special for your child.

Even if the custody situation favors the mother, these tips can help pave the way for the court to reassess the situation. Regardless of what happens, remain as active as possible in your child’s life.