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What is a SAPCR?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Child Custody |

In a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR) case, a judge determines whether a parent has the right to visitation, custody, child support or medical support from the other parent. According to Texas law, when a divorcing couple has children, a SAPCR is mandatory.

A SAPCR can also pertain to separated couples with children, including those not married. If you have questions about child custody in Texas, this article will detail some critical facts about what you can expect.

Who can file a Texas SAPCR?

Parents with a child living in Texas for at least six months can file for a Texas SAPCR. Additionally, a child who lived in Texas within the previous six months is eligible for a Texas SAPCR if they meet the standards mentioned above for Texas residence.

What does a SAPCR determine?

A SAPCR prescribes the duties of each parent in a divorce or separation. Relationships that involve children in Texas typically prioritize the child’s well-being over the individual parents. Visitation, financial support and custody are all defined according to precise guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines might result in a loss of custody or forfeiture of other rights.

Can you modify a SAPCR?

As a child grows older, the details of a SAPCR judgment are modifiable. The parent must file a petition in the court of the jurisdiction to do this. If both parents agree, a ruling judge quickly determines the new custody arrangement. Contested custody modifications take much longer to file.

Determining child custody and financial support can be very trying, especially for the children involved. Agreeing with the other parent provides the best outcome. Unfortunately, disputes often happen, so hiring a competent divorce lawyer is essential.