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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce In Texas

Last updated on July 4, 2024

We understand just how complex a divorce in Dallas, Texas, can be. At JB Schwartz PLLC, our lawyers have helped many clients get the answers they need about their divorce. If you have any questions, you can check below to see if you can find your answer:

How is personal property divided in a Texas divorce?

Any assets that you owned before marriage, received as a gift or inheritance, or added to a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement are considered separate property. Separate property in a Texas divorce is not divided. There are some exceptions, which you can learn about by talking to a divorce attorney.

Will my spouse get half my retirement in the divorce?

There are various kinds of retirement assets. As a result, some of these retirement assets are subject to different rules and considerations in a divorce. A divorce attorney can explain how your retirement assets are split in a divorce.

Does property that’s only in my name have to be divided in a divorce?

If you have a property with your name on it, it could still be split in a divorce. The property in question may need to be identified as personal property to avoid division.

Who keeps what debts in a divorce?

Texas is a community state, which means marital assets are divided between spouses in a divorce. Debts can also be included in the community state if they were obtained during a marriage.

How does a no-fault divorce work in Texas?

A no-fault divorce means that neither spouse is to blame for the divorce. The divorce can happen as a result of “irreconcilable differences” or incompatibility.”

How long will my divorce take?

Every divorce is unique. The length of your divorce will likely depend on the size of the marital estate and the cooperation of your spouse.

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